How to register Binance and set up 2-step authentication.


People who trading cryptocurrency in Asia must register a virtual currency exchange binance.

Binance has merits more than any other exchanges and is now the world’s largest virtual currency exchange trader gathering around the world.

How to register binance.

The method of registering binance is the following 4 steps.
1. Required information registration
2. Receive mail of temporary registration
3. Main registration complete
4.2 step authentication (2FA) setting

1.Access binance

Go to binance and click “Create Account” or “Register”.

Click “Register” from the smartphone.

2.In the new registration screen, set the e-mail address and password.

3.Puzzle authentication by moving the slider.

4.Perform full registration from temporary registration

When registration of necessary information is completed, a mail for book registration will be sent to the registered email address and confirm it. In some cases, it may be sorted into the junk mail folder, so confirm it.

5.Open the mail and click “Verify Email”.

Congratulations! Registration has been completed!

6.Binance login and set up 2 step authentication (2FA).

Log in to binance.

As login is successful, a popup will appear. Please make sure to set 2-step authentication by clicking “Google Authentication”.

Download the 2-step verification application, load the QR code, enter the displayed number and activate it.

Registering binanceis very easy. Since you can start dealing immediately, let’s register first!